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"We Can Find Your Leak"



We Offer 24x7
Emergency Service

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Stop Leaks Before They Stop You
Due to the strict laws today, one small leak left unattended can mean downtime for your business.
How does our Technology Work?
Leak Finders, Inc. has the latest leak detection equipment available today.  Click here for more information.
How do I know if I have a Water Leak?
From our experience, 90 percent of the leaks in residential plumbing systems are found at the toilet tank.  Click here for additional information.
About Leak Finders
We have been serving Northwest Arkansas since 1974.  During the past two years our company growth has been astounding.
Water Conservation
With today's rising water costs, waterline leak detection is an absolute must for any water conservation program.  Just how much water are you losing?


Service Request Form
Using our new on-line service request form, you can now send a request  for service through our website!
Employment Opportunities
Leak Finders is always expanding.  Click here to fill out our Employment Application on-line!
Contact Our Management
If you have any  questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints, please use this link to contact us.
Pay Your Bill Online
Due to the overwhelming increase in computers, today's economy is changing and growing faster than ever.  Please visit our online payment center for the ease and convenience of paying your bill from home!

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Now you can save 15% on your service call simply by placing your Service Request through our website!

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No Job to Big!
Absolutely no leak is too large for Leak Finders!!


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